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Jul. 13th, 2008



I LIIIVE. 8D Yeah. I've basically been hybernating for a year in my little coccoon of homework and writer's block. 8D But now that it's summer (<3) I was thinking of coming back + I have a new ficlet and poftd told me to post it here so she can flaunt that it was her idea so uh long story short hi I'm back. 8D;

Sooo without further ado (uggh that sounds like soap) here's a fic. 8D And I need new userpics. D:

Title: Reassurance
Rating: PG-13?
Word Count: 1,262
Pairing(s): Rolo and Lelouch. Not quite Rolo/Lelouch. But whatever.
Warnings: SPOOOOOILERS. And please excuse the random “nii-san’s”, but I can’t imagine Rolo saying “brother” in English. Deal. Probably kinda OOC on Lulu’s part, too, but what can I say, here he is a plot device. 83
Notes: Uhhh, certain moment written with the liberty that seems to have been granted through the series when Lelouch took Shirley’s memories. Inspired by poftd's prediction for the end of the Rolo + Lulu relationship. :D
Disclaimer: Characters belong to CLAMP and Bandai, our eternal tormentors.


Carpe Diem <--for old times' sakes

Jun. 24th, 2007

nostalgia, dark

"This is the moment / This is the time"

"When the momentum / And the moment / Are in rhyme"


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Mar. 4th, 2007


FMA and KH fic dump! :D

My FMA and Kingdom Hearts fics from the Valentine's Day Project. I figured that since anybody on this f-list that actually reads my Sins/Virtues fics already had those sent to them, might as well make this postie useful. xD;

Title: Guardian Angel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 752
Pairing(s): Riku/Naminé
Notes: Valentine’s Day Project: for Shari. Riku POV.
Warnings: Angst and fluff, of course. And probably out-of-contextness? I’m not sure how “The Darkness” works. xD;; Possible OOC. >>;; *fails* (plus I’m/it’s incoherent x3; )
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and its characters do not belong to me. Oh, darns. Too bad that hardly stops me from abusing them in my evil little ficcies. >3

light at the end of the tunnelCollapse )

Title: Paopo
Rating: PG, PG-13, I REALLY don’t know D:
Word Count: 380
Pairing(s): Riku/Kairi + Sora/Kairi + Sora/Riku. The usual love triangle. xD;
Notes: Valentine’s Day Project: for Shari.
Warnings: …angst? >>; Incoherent. As in, VERY. xD;
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and its characters do not belong to me. Oh, darns. Too bad that hardly stops me from abusing them in my evil little ficcies. >3

love-triangleCollapse )

Title: Volver
Rating: PG
Word Count: 760
Pairing(s): Winry/Ed
Notes: Valentine’s Day Project: for Shari.
Warnings: Possible OOC. I’m not too good with FMA yet. =\ Oh, and probably SPOILERS, you’ve been warned. e.e And AAAANGST. xD;
Disclaimer: FMA doesn’t belong to me. But you all already know that. Why am I telling you this again? O.o;

seventeen yearsCollapse )

Title: Colonel Mustang’s Self-Service Dating Business
Rating: PG, I guess xD
Word Count: 824
Pairing(s): Roy/Riza
Notes: Valentine’s Day Project: for Shari.
Warnings: OOC? I haven’t really written any FMA fics before. =\
Disclaimer: FMA doesn’t belong to me. But you all already know that. Why am I telling you this again? O.o;

say 'melodramatic'Collapse )

Carpe Diem,

Aug. 16th, 2006



Title: Game
Rating: PG-13 (for boy/boy love and some, um, groping 0.o; )
Word Count: 369
Pairing(s): Roxas/Riku
Notes: for poftd
Warning: boy/boy love, ehhh… groping (<<; ), a way-too-uke-ly Riku, the like. v.v
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and its characters do not belong to me. Oh, darns.

cat and mouseCollapse )

Carpe Diem,

Aug. 9th, 2006


xD *amused*

Well, I finished the fic. x3 OKAY, so it's not as UBER-GREAT as it ought to have been, but whatever. I had my fun. =3

Cross-posting to khyaoi. ^^

Title: Sound of Music—Kingdom Hearts Style
Rating: PG-13(?), for boy/boy love and MUCH suggestiveness
Pairing(s): Riku/Sora (or Sora/Riku >_@), Axel/Roxas, Riku/Kairi, (implied?) Sora/Roxas, and (implied?) King Mickey/Sora (pretty tame this time—okay, maybe not really ^^;;; )
Notes: for kaiamara, who suggested making the KH cast perform Sound of Music. =3
Warnings: boy/boy pairings, cussing (I think 0.o), and positive mangling of the whole plot, ye be warned. x3 Mention of the Nazis, because, er, this movie just happens to include them. v.v;;;
Disclaimer: I don’t own Kingdom Hearts and/or Sound of Music, I’m just exploiting their loveliness by parody-ing it. =3;;

What do you do with a problem like, er, Sora?Collapse )

Now I'll finally get back to editting my book. xD;;;

Carpe Diem,

Aug. 7th, 2006



Woah, being up at these hours makes me weird. o.0 Anyways, I attempted this just for the weirdness of the matter. Don't expect anything good: it's just crack. ^^;;; I think. 0.o

Cross-posted to khyaoi. =P

Title: La Vie Bohéme—Kingdom Hearts Style
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sora/Riku, Sora/Demyx, Riku/Kairi, Axel/Roxas, Demyx/Naminé, Xemnas/Kairi (whoa, crack xD;; )
Notes: I tried plugging characters from KH into the story of RENT. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. xD; Blame being bored after hours. =x (skipping some scenes, because there isn’t enough to work with in them =x)
Warnings: boy/boy pairings, cussing, and whatever other lovely profanity you may find in a movie like RENT. <3

the result of too much sugahrCollapse )

I didn't mean it, I was just hyper! ^^;;;;

Carpe Diem,

Aug. 2nd, 2006


Warmth by Moonlight

Fourth post?! When will the madness stop. e.e

But here, Shari-san, I finished your fic and I'm gonna post it now. Cross-posting to kingdomhearts2, because I feel like mangling people's f-lists a little more. xD;

And sorry for all the frequent postings this week, it's just been a hectic one. ^^;;;

Title: Warmth by Moonlight
Rating: G
Word Count: 748
Pairing: Axel/Roxas
Notes: for poftd
Warnings: angst, possible spoilers, angst, fluff, and then some more angst. *nods*

when the eternal flame flickersCollapse )

Carpe Diem,

Jul. 31st, 2006


KH fic

Well, it's crap (as always), but it was worth a shot. x3;

Title: Timebomb
Rating: G, PG?
Word Count: 1,613
Pairing: mostly Sora/Kairi with Riku/Kairi, but you could probably extract some Sora/Riku out of it. >_@
Notes: this is my first KH fic, so if it’s a little (or very) out of character, please bear with me. ^^;;; Idea mooched off of demons_silver, many thanks to her for letting me use and tweak it. ^_^
Warnings: angst, senseless predicaments, SPOILERS, and character death. =x

where fears and liesCollapse )

x-posting to kingdomhearts2

Carpe Diem,